Hubungan Kualitas Sanitasi dengan Kejadian Diare pada Keluarga di Kelurahan Kledung Karang Dalem Kecamatan Banyuurip Kabupaten Purworejo

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Anggun Fajar Ramadhani
Purwanta Purwanta
Wahyudi Istiono


Background: Based on the data from Dinas Kesehatan Kabupaten Purworejo in 2007, diarrhea happen at the age >5 yers old that is 1083 victims (60%). This condition taking leave of the babies at the age <1 years old with the victims only 129 (7,2%). Whereas based on the data from political district office there are only 17,4 % villagers who have toilet with septic tank, 4% villagers did not have toilet yet and 96% villagers throw their rubbish which not appropriate based on the healty standard yet. It shows that the health getting worse because of the bad sanitation.

Objective: To know and to analize the relationship of sanitation and diarrhea at family in the Kledung Karang Dalem Village Banyuurip District Purworejo Regency.

Methodology: this research is correlation research with non experimental method by the use of cross sectional approach. The research was done in the December 2009 up to January 2010. There are 2  instruments used in this research that is observation questionaire and Departemen Kesehatan RI interview. The total sampel is 83 respondents in Kledung Karang Dalem village Banyuurip District Purworejo regency by the use of stratified sampling. The data analysis used Chi Square and Regresi Logistik.

Result: the result of univariat analysis show that 35 respondents (42%) got diarrhea in 1 year. The diarrhea victims are 12 respondents (34,2%) at the age 41-65 years old. From the clean water facilities observed, 12 facility (14,5 %) has a high risk of pollution, 32  facility (38,6%) has a low risk of pollution. The toilet family condition which has a high risk is 27 facility (32,5%) and low risk 14 facility (16,9%). The condition of recycle bin facility, 15 facility (18,1%) have a high risk and 38 facility (45,8%) have a low risk. The result of chi square (χ2) analysis showed that is a significant relathionship between the condition of clen water, family toilet and recycle bin facilities (p<0,05). The result of regresi logistik analysis showed that the condition  of clean water, family toilet and recycle bin facilities give contribution 21 % (p<0,05).

Conclusion: There is a relationship between the quality of sanitation and diarrhea at the family in Kledung Karang Dalem Village Banyuurip District Purworejo Regency.

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