Faktor-Faktor yang Mempengaruhi Keberhasilan Belajar Mahasiswa yang Berprestasi (Studi Kasus pada Program Studi DIII Kebidanan Stikes Guna Bangsa Yogyakarta)

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Fatimah Sari
Samsi Haryanto
Djarot Soebandono


Background : Learning success of students who excel in Midwifery Study Programme Stikes Guna Bangsa Yogyakarta liked and favored students who excel is to learn individually and independently, after the teacher explains the gist of a summary of students taking the teacher and find language materials and medical / health is not understood in the previous learning, in independent study attempted to repeat every day and read the module provided teachers.

Objective is to find out how individual characteristics on student is achievement, How do environmental characteristics on student achievement, How do the characteristics of the material at the time lecturing to students who achievement .

Methods : Descriptive qualitative research methods, population study with purposive sampling.

Result : Individual Characteristics of the three students who excel from elementary school to college level obstetric always get good performance class, the Environmental Characteristics of parents and close friends and also lecturers from three students who excel always motivated and have a considerable effect on the success of learning to become high achievers, lecture material characteristics of the three students who perform is very like material Biochemistry and Midwifery Care , the materials that do not like is the material of Citizenship and Pancasila.

Conclusion : Way of learning more towards students who excel individually and independently, although there is collaboration with friends - the theme of doing the task and group presentations, Family / parent and friend influence and motivate students who excel get value and good performance, material characteristics on midwifery lectures in semester one  and semester two  can be followed, although there is material that is not favored by the three students who excel.

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