Hubungan Tingkat Pengetahuan Siswa-siswi Kelas XI Tentang HIV dan AIDS dengan Sikap Terhadap HIV dan AIDS di SMA N 1 Temanggung Tahun 2012

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Iradatin Putri Sulistyawati
Nova Wijanarko
Siti Fadhilah


Background: Nowdays, there is neither HIV nor AIDS free country. Total HIV / AIDS'S case at Indonesian 22.726 case is scattered at 32 provinces. One of target MDG ‟ s is restrain HIV / AIDS'S broadcasts and descent of total new case on year 2015, expected 80% by percentage age young man 15 24 year has sciences that comprehensive about HIV / AIDS. One of attitude forming is science, so good science will form good attitude.

Objective: The effect in this study to relathionship level knowledge about HIV and AIDS with attitude toward HIV and AIDS and SMA N 1 Temanggung 11th grade in 2012

Method: Descriptive study was cholen in this study with cross sectional method. The located studied in SMA N 1 Temanggung total of 235 samples and used sample is total sampling. Data were colected by utilizing questionaires and analyzed corelation kendall‟s tau with significant 5%.

Result: The results showed that the student‟s knowledge in SMA N 1 Temanggung toward HIV/AIDS was 196 (83,4%) and categoried as good but the attitude toward HIV/AIDS patiens encounter was 191 (81,3%) and categoried as good. The results statitistika analyzed with Kendall's tau by using SPSS 17 is sig = 0,001. The relations between both variables is significant with the dependence value off p < 0,05% then Ho is rejected (Ha is accepted).

Conclusion: The conclusion there is a relathionship between knowlwdge and attitude toward HIV/AIDS in SMA N 1 temanggung 11th grade in 2012

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