Pengaruh Pemberian Terapi Musik Mozart Terhadap Tingkat Nyeri Menstruasi pada Mahasiswi Keperawatan UMY

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Dwi Agustiana Sari
Zulkhah Noor
Azizah Khoiriati


Menstruation often cause many problem. A lot of women suffer obstruction pain menstruation. Pain menstruation is generally symptom happen in woman. There is many way to decrease pain menstruation such as distraction using Mozart music. Mozart music is  soft music, that can give intonation alpha wave. Mozart music can make listener more calm, and relax. Aim this research to know about effect giving therapy Mozart music with pain level menstruation  in woman nursing student Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta.

Type of this research was observational experiment, with true design, pre-post test design with control group. Number sample was 35 respondent. It divided 17 respondent in control group and 18 respondent experiment that taken by purposive. Instrument CD Mozart music and pain scale observation according to Mankoski. Result this research was tested by Mann-Whitney aided by application of SPSS for Window Released 11,0 used certain degree 95% or α=0,05.

Prevalence pain menstruation in  woman nursing student MUY at the years 2007 high 79%. Modus pain level in control group beginning in level 5 (34%), after 15 minutes increase to level 7 (40%). Nothing different pain level menstruation beginning and 15 minutes after without any intervention (α = 0,609).   Modus pain level in experimental group beginning in level 4 (32%), after listen Mozart music 15 minutes decrease to level 3 (27%). Giving Mozart therapy in 15 minutes for experiment group make decrease significant pain level menstruation (α = 0,002). Next crosswise test pain level menstruation beginning control and experiment group is not different, its mean beginning condition before intervention is not different (α = 0,274). Pain level menstruation after giving Mozart music therapy for 15 minutes in experiment group  can decrease with significant than without any intervention in control group (α = 0,01). The conclusion, therapy Mozart music in 15 minute can decrease with significance pain level menstruation.

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