Why Declined?

Does not match the template.

  • Sometimes the author often ignores simple things, such as font size, typeface, the distance between paragraphs, poor and disproportionate image quality, etc.
  • Sending the manuscript according to the template to a journal, the author has helped himself so that the manuscript can be processed more easily by the Editor.
  • Will be immediately rejected.

The author is not serious.

  • The manuscript does not match the template.
  • Not following the focus and scope of the journal.
  • Editor's response has been unanswered for more than 3 weeks.
  • Did not make significant improvements regarding the revisions requested by the Editor/Reviewer.

Manuscripts less than Six (6) pages.

  • Manuscripts submitted less than 6 pages (not including abstract and bibliography), will be immediately rejected.


  • Usually, this happens when the Author sends the revision by resubmitting it, not submitting it to the discussion forum or the Revisions column. In this case, the second submission containing the revised results will be immediately rejected. Authors will be directed to upload revisions to previous submissions.

The references used are less than 10 most recent references.

  • Authors in our journals are required to include a minimum of 10 references, and preferably sourced from the last 10 years.


  • The discussion of the manuscript is not in-depth, not straight to the point / long-winded, using too many images that do not have a significant influence on the manuscript.