Journal History

January 2014

  • Journal of Health (JoH), previously known as Jurnal Kesehatan Gubayo, is a journal managed by LPPM STIKES Guna Bangsa Yogyakata and published the first time in January 2014. Journal of Health (JoH) is a journal that contains scientific articles in health sector especially midwifery, health analyst, and nursing.
  • There are only two reviewers.

May 2014
Journal of Health (JoH) submitted an application for p-ISSN to LIPI, and was accepted by number 2355-8857 (print media) with SK no. 0005.0101/JI.3.2/SK.ISSN/2014.05.

December 2014
Journal of Health (JoH) submits an application for e-ISSN to LIPI, and is accepted by number 2407-6376 (online media) with SK No. 0005.314/JI.3.2./SK.ISSN/2014.12.

August 2017
Journal of Health (JoH) began migrating to OJS 3.

August 2020

  • Journal of Health (JoH) has six reviewers.
  • Started applying the updated template for Volume 8 and beyond.

October 2020
Journal of Health (JoH) has eight reviewers.

January 2021
Starting from Volume 8 January 2021, the review process will be carried out online at OJS, which previously used email.