• Wiwik Suryandartiwi STIKES Awal Bros Pekanbaru
  • Zaky Abdul STIKES Awal Bros Pekanbaru
Keywords: Benefits of COVID-19 Protection, Preventive Satisfaction, Trust


This study aims to analyze the impact of the benefits of COVID-19 protection on preventive satisfaction and behavioral intentions; the effect of preventive satisfaction on behavioral intentions; and the role of trust in moderating the effect of benefits of COVID-19 protection on behavioral intentions. This research is a correlational study using 100 respondents who visited Awal Bros Hospital in Pekanbaru for the last 6 months. The data were then analyzed through partial least square (PLS). The results of the analysis prove that: (1) Benefits of COVID-19 Protection have a significant effect on Preventive Satisfaction; (2) Benefits of COVID-19 Protection have no significant effect on Behavioral Intentions; (3) Preventive Satisfaction has a significant effect on Behavioral Intentions; (4) Trust does not moderate the effect of Benefits of COVID-19 Protection on Behavioral Intentions.


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