Service Quality On The Blood Donors Satisfaction

Kualitas Pelayanan Terhadap Kepuasan Pendonor Darah

  • Arif Tirtana STIKES Guna Bangsa Yogyakarta
  • Marchiana Priska Idang STIKES Guna Bangsa Yogyakarta
  • Ikrimah Nafilata STIKES Guna Bangsa Yogyakarta
Keywords: Quality of service, satisfaction, donor selection


Service quality is action that plays an important role in a health service institution. This study aims to determine quality of donor selection and blood collection services on the satisfaction of blood donors in PMI Yogyakarta Special Region.  Type of research is quantitative research with a cross sectional approach. The population in this study is voluntary blood donors who donate blood at PMI and have met the criteria for donor selection and blood collection. Sampling is done by Accidental sampling technique. The study population is all voluntary blood donors who came to UDD PMI Sleman Regency and UDD PMI Kota in August 2023. The number of samples used in this study is 100 respondents. The data collection technique used study was using a questionnaire with a Likert scale. Data analysis techniques carried out using statistical test analysis using chi square. Based on the analysis of the data obtained, characteristics of male blood donors were obtained as many as 79 people (79%). The results of donor satisfaction were obtained 87 (87%) very satisfied, based on donor selection services 51 (51%) Appropriate and blood services 53 (53%) in accordance with donor satisfaction. The results of the chi-square test were obtained in donor selection obtained p-veliu results (0.002) < 0.05 and in the results of the chi-square test blood draw obtained p-veliu results (0.154) > 0.05.  means that blood donor satisfaction is influenced by the quality of donor selection services and donor satisfaction is not influenced by the quality of blood collection services.


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Arif Tirtana, Marchiana Priska Idang, & Ikrimah Nafilata. (2024). Service Quality On The Blood Donors Satisfaction: Kualitas Pelayanan Terhadap Kepuasan Pendonor Darah. Journal of Health (JoH), 11(1), 077-084.